Jerome Gravel-Niquet full-stack web development

Be a gatekeeper

In OSS, code is written by many people. Yet, it's advisable to collaboratively write code as if it had been written by a single person.

As a maintainer of OSS, you should be a ruthless gatekeeper. master is your fortress, in which you only let in worthy code.

What makes code worthy?

Code that solves a real issue.

Code that's useful for many cases and is built in an abstract, general fashion.

Code that follows the overall style of the project.

Code that's properly tested.

Pull requests are abundant, great pull requests are scarce.

Your duty is to read the entire code, question every line and every decisions. For the less-than-great pull requests: thoroughly comment in a friendly-yet-critical manner, pointing the developer in the right direction without revealing the answer. The goal being to preserve the consistency and quality of the code.